Here’s who I am

The thing that appeals to me about blogging is sharing my thoughts with anyone who cares to read my posts. I pledge to write with honesty to reflect my true personality, no lies, no glossing, no fantasy.

My mum passed away years ago and I miss talking to her openly about anything and everything. We passionately shared our opinions that always left me thinking long after the conversation was over.

So I suppose my blog is a connected to reliving the conversations I had with mum,  sharing raw truths in a non-judgmental environment.

If blogs had existed in her lifetime mum could have left a tangible piece of herself for eternity.  Reading her words after she passed would awaken memories allowing them to always remain close.

With this in mind I will continue to write a blog and share my soul with those I love and anyone else who wants to read it. The words will be there for reading today or in years to come.

And if my blog is of no interest to anyone at all I don’t mind because the progression of writing about my feelings is helping me to understand who I really am.


One thought on “Here’s who I am

  1. Jenna, this is lovely. It is good you have found a realm to store your thoughts.
    I find that your blogs involve a lot of ‘telling’ and not ‘showing’. I know these blogs are your first and you will dig deeper eventually. I would just like, as your audience, to hear of stories that perhaps you don’t say to anyone in your everyday life. I’d love to hear of your habits, your regrets, your memories and your secrets – because I think you have a lot underneath the surface that you don’t share.
    I find you to be a beautiful, fascinating person that is very private – I would love to see you open up in this realm because I feel it calls for it.
    I love the blogs you have written so far – and cannot wait to see what you write next.
    Keep them coming. xx


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