This is my chance to show you my heart

A couple of months ago I set out on a journey of self-discovery to uncover the real me.

In the past I haven’t shared my feelings or been entirely open with people. I blamed myself for feeling inadequate and judged myself on what I believed others thought about me. The constant “trying to be someone” caused me to keep up multiple appearances and maintain many public versions of myself.

Eventually I grew tired of pretending and willed myself to find the courage to be true to myself. I craved serenity and wanted to strip back the layers of uncertainty to return to being a more simple and honest person.

As a somewhat pessimistic person I was doubtful I could change my attitude to life but thankfully I’m making progress. It takes concentration and awareness to create change to my psyche and sometimes I regress to my old way of thinking.

I’m learning to love myself for who I know I am.

I’m learning to feel more and think less.

Freedom is knowing who you are and letting it embrace you.

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