Magical memory

Every year the frantic Christmas shopping rush seems to start earlier and grow exponentially.

I love Christmas but I dislike greed.

As a child 40+ years ago I remember the excitement building at Christmas time. Putting up our wonky Christmas tree and draping the fairy lights around it made me feel like the happiest girl in the world.

Even though I lived in a family that was financially secure I didn’t receive a lot of gifts like most Australian children seem to get today.

My memory is that children wrote a letter to Santa asking for one special toy that they hoped he would magically deliver.

I vividly remember finding a present on the end of my bed when I opened my eyes on Christmas morning and whispering excitedly to myself “I got it” as if it was the most incredible thing that had ever happened to me.

That feeling of pure joy is a precious childhood memory that I carry in my heart always. That magical feeling is priceless and to me  represents the essence of Christmas.


4 thoughts on “Magical memory

    1. Just like today a “must have” toy was wanted by most children every year. One year I got a Chrissie doll that had red hair that you could make long or short and another year I got a Tearie Dearie doll that wet when you feed her a bottle. One Christmas I got Monopoly and another time I got Mouse Trap. Once I got a beautiful sewing box full with sewing items.


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