Two to the power of Two

Numerology is a subject that I know nothing about, but numbers have always played a role in my life. My lucky number is 6, my sixth birthday was on 26.06.1966 and I have always identified with six.

But it is the number 222 that has a stranglehold on me and I can’t let it go.

Over the past few years I’ve  developed a fascination and have formed 222-digital-clock1a mystical relationship with 222 and I have no idea why.

Maybe it’s just my mind playing tricks telling me that 222 is a spiritual sign but it  consistently appears in the strangest of circumstances and sends shivers up my spine.

The number sequence on tickets, the time a personal email message hits my inbox or the time I wake up suddenly in the night is spookily often 2.22.

The year 2012 heralded the beginning of my transformation, it saw me find clarity  and embark on a journey to learn how to cleanse my heart and soul.

For me 2012 will always be the year of 222 when my life skyrocketed from mediocre to extraordinary.

Some people have religious beliefs around symbols and traditions that provide meaning to their life.

My belief system revolves around 222.

What is your magic number?

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