The winds of time

On the twentieth day Jenna senses that things may soon improve.

Her head has been throbbing and nothing eases the tension.

Her sleep patterns are erratic, she sleeps fitfully and wakes for no reason at odd hours of the early morning.

Days pass slower, little things become big things and food tastes different.

Words stop flowing, she can’t write freely which makes her head feel like it is going to explode.

She should be used to it, she’s battled the same symptoms several times over the past four years, but it never gets any easier.

The first and the last twenty-four hours are the hardest, her emotions fluctuate and are more intense.

Jenna paces up and down, her eyes glued on the automatic doors opening and closing again.  After what feels like an eternity  she sees her and for a brief moment time stands still.

Jenna smiles and waves excitedly. She deeply exhales.

Finally the fresh breeze blows again and clears her head.

She can breathe again for another couple of months.



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