www. communication

Even though I try to live a simple life and always enjoy the peace of nature there are some things  contrary to these ideals that I appreciate.

Internet connects people across worldI am grateful for Internet technology because it enables me to communicate with my daughters via Skype, email or Facebook when they are traveling far from home.

Even after many years of using this technology I am still in awe of how amazing it is.

When used for its intended purpose social media is a wonderful way to keep in touch with people.

The Internet provides a voice, a means to communicate, endless information and entertainment for people who have access to it.

Today I am grateful for having access to the Internet.


3 thoughts on “www. communication

  1. I try to practice gratitude as often as possible. I find that by doing so it brings balance to my life. I am grateful for finding incredible bloggers from around the world and grateful that you found me. Thank you for following my blog and for letting me know about your wonderful blog.


  2. I try to keep a daily gratitude journal, so I appreciate reviewing your list. thanks for following me, looking forward to your future posts 🙂


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