There is so much to be thankful for

As an avid reader I am constantly learning and inspired by the words of others.

Everything I‘ve read about living a more fulfilled life suggests we take time each day to acknowledge the things we are thankful for.

Today I set out to write a blog starting a gratitude list but after re-reading the blogs I’ve already written it dawned on me that I began my gratitude journal when I started blogging last year.

So before I move forward I want to acknowledge the things I am grateful for that I have already shared with fellow bloggers in the blogs that I have written.

I am truly grateful for ….

The courage to believe in myself

The ability to read and write

Having hope and making new beginnings

The joy of being married for 25 years to my loving husband and for the family we have created

The love and joy my rescue dog “Gracie Dee” has brought to my life

The pleasure of reading novels

Having a lifelong best friend

The safe return of my precious daughters after traveling

Having opportunities to travel

Finding the courage to reclaim my name

Fond childhood memories

Getting back up after stumbling

Letting go of past hurts and regrets

Having the courage to ask for help

The kindness of people willing to offer helpful advice

The eternal love of my mother

Having access to technology

Being me


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