Gratitude for a better attitude

The Power of a Positive Attitudealways-have-a-positive-attitude-300x230
Having a positive mental attitude has the power to instantly improve our quality of life.

Over time I’ve gradually morphed from having a negative to a positive attitude and this has given me an incredible sense of relief and feeling of well-being.

The best thing I have done lately is learn to be kind to myself and focus on what is right rather than what is wrong.

When I wore a beautiful dress recently my daughter Laura said to me “Wow, you look stunning” and I replied with honesty “Thank you, I feel stunning” and we both smiled. This brief shared moment reflects the happiness and joy that having a positive attitude can bring.

I finally learned that bombarding myself with negativity causes a fall into a pit of dissatisfaction that is not only repugnant but also exhausting.

So today I am grateful for changing my attitude to see myself and the world in a positive light, which has opened my eyes to appreciate a brighter life.

It’s not what you see, it’s how you look at it that matters……………..Jenna Dee


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