Fresh perspective

IMG_2072Something has been unsettling me lately and distracting me from my promise to myself to lead a positive and fulfilled life.

Last night I had an obscure dream that somehow made things seem clearer and I woke with a feeling of calm.

I’m the type of person who gets caught up in too many thoughts when trying to make important decisions, but after this dream I felt different. I just knew what was right for me. It was invigorating to feel free of worry, even for a short while.

Sometimes you have to listen to your heart and believe that everything will be all right.

Enjoy each day, be grateful for all that is good in your life for who knows what changes tomorrow may bring.

Iā€™m feeling more peaceful already.


12 thoughts on “Fresh perspective

  1. Yes, always listen to your heart. I believe my mind will only entertain troubling and negative thoughts if I allow it to. So, now whenever something is disturbing me I try not to entertain it for more than 5 minutes. Just live one day at a time and be happy. Life is too short to worry about tomorrow *(^___^)*.


    1. Life is too short to worry about tomorrow. This is very true. I’ve come to realise that worrying wastes too much energy that should be used for creating positive emotions.


      1. Good for you Jenna. Let us stop wasting our energy and create more positive thoughts. Blogging is one way to keep us on the right track. BTW, I like your new profile pic šŸ™‚


    1. The content or essence of the dream wasn’t very significant, it was more the feeling of calm and clarity that it created for me. Quite often my dreams make me agitated, scared, hurt or disappointed. The difference with this dream was that I felt empowered and clear about making a decision that I had been searching for but skirting around for some time. Thank you for your comment Eric, I appreciate all the interaction I share with fellow bloggers. Love Jenna šŸ™‚


  2. I am glad that you are feeling better today. I am firm believer in listening to, and following, your heart, as when you do, that’s when life begins to change. Something I also find comforting when I am feeling out of sorts is the quote, “Chaos precedes great change.” Hope tomorrow is even better!


      1. Jenna, you are more than welcome, and I thank you for your kind remarks. One of the benefits of blogging is realizing that others share some of the same triumphs and tribulations that I do, and it makes me less alone sometimes. Keep sharing your perspectives and living your life, as you’re on the right path!


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