What makes you tick?

One of my favourite pastimes is reading the “About me” pages of bloggers. The posts I enjoy reading reflect individuality and set the writer apart from being just another face in the crowd.

Most people state their name, age, hometown, education and marital status .  Others seem boastful and over emphasize their many accomplishments.

I skip reading  “About me” pages with lists of achievements that read like a job application.  I’m  interested in the ordinary or quirky stuff that bloggers share that show a glimpse of who they are and what makes them tick.

My personality is unassuming. I am committed to sharing the truth about who I am so here is a little about me…..

I am spiritual but hold no religious beliefs. The beauty, power and unpredictability of nature exhilarate my senses. I live by the sea and I’m renewed every time I walk along the beach breathing in the salty air feeling the sea spray on my face.

After 23 years of marriage I ceased using my name by marriage and reverted to my name at birth. I love my husband dearly but felt so deeply about regaining my individuality that I made the change for my peace of mind. It may sound crazy but I feel I have renewed my spirit by reconnecting with my original identity.

I am fascinated in Asian countries, especially Japan where I have visited multiple times because it keeps drawing me back and feels like home.

The precision and beauty of Japanese gardens inspire a feeling of peace and harmony in my soul.

The novels I enjoy reading are set in Asian countries in the early 1900’s. These stories accentuate the hardship that people endured and inspire my admiration for the courage  people find to survive through adversity.

My biggest regret is that I was not by mother’s side when she died because I listened to others who told me she would rather be alone. I doubt I will ever forgive myself for this decision.

One of my best spur of the moment decisions was adopting my dog Gracie  from an animal shelter. She gives me so much joy and never fails to brighten every day.

I love objects that sparkle; crystals, mirrors on mosaics, candles and bud lights in trees. I watch in awe as the sun shines through my window on to a hanging crystal causing coloured reflections to dance around my walls.

I hope I’ve  shared something about myself that sparks your interest and leads you to get to know me better by reading my other blog posts. And if not, that’s okay, it was nice to meet you.


34 thoughts on “What makes you tick?

  1. Thank you for visiting my little blog. I haven’t revisited my own About Me for so long but, like you, it is the first page I read when coming across a new blog. I am sorry to say that I have a tendency to judge that person by the About Me page and sometimes, even when the post I have come across strikes a chord I may never to read any more. I am not proud of myself for that. In “real life” I try to set aside my initial impression to allow that person space to present themselves as they truly are. First impressions are usually correct but my instincts have been known to let me down (although rarely). My blog and indeed, me as a person, has been through an enormous amount of change since I first started it. Time for me to review that About Me page.
    Thank you for your honesty.


  2. Wow – love this line: Live your life like a crystal; absorb energy and spontaneously reflect bursts of rainbow light. This is an example of how powerful writing can be when it’s genuine and real. Thank you for sharing.


  3. wow, what a great post! I totally agree with you. Normally. the first thing I do when I come across a new blog (or when someone has liked a post of mine for instance) is look at their about page. If I don’t like it I won’t read any posts. It’s much more informative than the most recent topic they blogged about. Having said that I started with this post first, haven’t read your about yet! 🙂 But I am liking what I am reading a lot! :)I think I need to go and work on my about page personally.. I wrote it when I started blogging and haven’t really gone back to it at all!I have always wanted to visit Japan.. one day! and I love the fact you have the same *views* on spirituality/religion. I too feel there is something, but can’t/don’t want to call it god.. I am sorry to hear about your mother. My grandmother passed away nearly 15 years ago and I still have moments today when I just start to cry as I miss her so much! My mum told me by email that she had passed away. . . (she had cancer), I was only eleven. Finally, on a lighter note, I will definitely quote you! I love that sentence!! going to write it in my “quotes book” (a book I write touching quotes in and add inspiring beautiful pictures). Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post. have a lovely day 🙂


    1. Wow we seem to have quite a lot in common. This is what I love so much about blogging – discovering there are many other people who have similar philosophies and are interested in sharing their interests and quirky ways. Blogging removes the facade that people often adopt when they meet in person and try to impress each other. Love Jenna 🙂


  4. Thanks for sharing such a deep and enlightening post with the world! Talk about a commitment to authenticity – I agree with you! I’m going to take good look at my “About Me”, time for some revisions, because the only reason I blog is to have other’s know me…


    1. Thank you, you are very kind. I read a quote on your own blog that I think sums it up perfectly. Can you please tell me who wrote it?

      I’ve learned that you can not make someone love you.
      All you can do is be someone who can be loved.
      The rest is up to them.
      I’ve learned that no matter how much I care, some people just don’t care back.
      And it’s not the end of the world.

      This is how I feel now. I’m able to say this is who I am, I’m a good person and some people may or may not like me, but that’s perfectly okay with me because I am being true to myself.


      1. I don’t know who is responsible for the quote you referred to. I found it on Facebook. I believe it may be a txtGram by someone who feels just like us created. I’m easily inspired by the truth and I’m obligated to give credit to the originator of that truth whenever I know who it is.
        Every since I read your post I’ve been working on re-writing my About Me page and writing a post about the experience. I’m including a link to your “What Makes You Tick” post. So be on the look out for it on Sunday.
        Thanks again for sharing yourself with the world, it’s amazing people like you that make being a blogger feel like community.


    2. You are very welcome. I am pleased my post had such an affect on you. You are right about blogging, it allows us to be non pretentious and totally honest with each other. I feel so relieved to say this is exactly who I am and I am happy with that. Love Jenna


  5. Hi Jenna.
    This seems to have been a very popular post, hitting home with a lot of your followers (myself included of course)
    I really enjoyed it and think it’s fantastic how you can identify key points about yourself and express them with such honesty. Makes for a very interesting read.
    Thanks again for sharing openly about yourself!


    1. Thank you Melissa. I think most people appreciate honesty. I’m happy to be able to say “here’s who I am” knowing that some people may want to get to know me better and others will have no interest at all. Love Jenna 🙂


  6. Love this.
    And by the way, I think it is neat to be chatting with people from Australia and seeing the different spelling reminds me how neat it is that we are able to do this.
    I love love your quote. I would love to quote you on my site if you wouldn’t mind,
    Much love – Laurie


  7. Jenna, a great post on the importance of “About” pages, and how we are all different…and the same…in many ways! You will be quoted someday, I just feel it!



      1. Good for you! I have a feeling it stop there. I know I may well use some of your insight on my site!

        We’ll talk again soon


  8. As usual, another enjoyable post. Thank you. Now you’ve piqued my curiosity. 🙂 Do you find my About page congruent with my posts? While I’m not a crystal person yet I’d love your honest feedback.


    1. Hi Eric, I’m glad you enjoyed this post.
      As you have asked for my feedback I am happy to provide my thoughts but please know it is only one persons opinion and may be contrary to the opinion of other people.
      To me, blogging is about being less formal, being ourselves and not trying to over impress by using high level language or lists of qualifications.
      I love the title of your blog Awakening to Your Story.. Realigning With What Really Matters.
      To be totally honest I think your “About” page is a bit too corporate unless of course your target audience is within the corporate sector.
      Hope my words are received in friendship and don’t offend in any way. Love Jenna 🙂


      1. Jenna,
        Your words and candid feedback are perfect! I appreciate your creating time to share thoughts and comment. What you believe was/is also my sense. Look for some changes to my About page, soon. 🙂


  9. Jenna, this is a great take on how important first impressions are, and I appreciate the candor you show in letting others get to know more about you. You have a lot to offer, so, keep going!


    1. Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate it. I like to write about things that others might relate to and then realise that is okay to share more of who we are. Love Jenna 🙂


  10. Hello!
    I really enjoyed reading this! When I see a new post, I go and check out peoples’ about pages first.
    Now I’m rethinking my about page… Just not sure what to write though!
    Have a great day! 🙂


  11. It is hard to own our whole self in the face of pressure from all sides to be perfect. Thank you for sharing. I’ll make sure to check out your about page again, and revisit my own. 🙂


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