Blogger’s block

Is anyone else struggling with the commitment of writing a regular blog post?

When I started blogging  I found it exhilarating and liberating to share my experiences and  thoughts with imaginary people.

Blogging gave me new-found confidence, it gave me a voice in the wilderness and when people started responding to my posts I felt validated and accepted.

The discipline of writing regular blog posts keeps me accountable to continue facing truths and gives me courage to be open and honest.

But somehow along the way I got caught up in the thrill of the ride and started to lose sight of why I started blogging.

The last little while I’ve struggled with writing posts and this has bothered me. Writing shouldn’t be a chore, but thanks to my insecurities I started to make it one.

The problem was I started anticipating what people might be interested in reading rather than writing about things I wanted to say. I started seeking articles about successful blogging and attracting readers. I tried to write blogs about topics that I didn’t relate to only to scrap them in frustration.

The truth is I temporarily lost my focus on why I write a blog, which is to accept myself for the person I am not to accumulate likes or be popular.

So at the risk of being self-indulgent I will continue to write from the heart about things that matter to me, which I apologise in advance may or may not be interesting to anyone else.

I will return to treating my blog as an online journal that I share with my blogging friends.

Blogging gives me courage to face the challenge of accepting what is, to let go of what was, and to have confidence in what will be.

For me that is enough.


36 thoughts on “Blogger’s block

    1. As soon as you stop thinking about what people may or may not think about your posts you are free to express yourself in any way you want. Some people will like what you write and others will think it is rubbish, but that’s okay. Love Jenna 🙂


  1. I often think, “why does anyone really care about what I am writing about?” My kindness blog has turned into something more for me now. There are definitely days that I struggle to find things to write about, but if I can provide inspiration to even one person, (even if it is only myself), that will have to do! Thanks for sharing.


  2. You really have hit the core of the problem – beginning to worry about what others want and not what you want to write about. You could have written this just for me 🙂 I truly appreciated you visiting my blog. I’ve been a little ‘slow’ to pick up the blogiteque – I doubt that’s a word but it fits the bill. I look forward to reading your posts as they arrive. Susan


  3. I like this post! Thank you for sharing, because it is true! I actually signed for a course to learn how to get more subscribers. I’ve realized by doing so, I’m now confronted with the lesson of balance. How do I balance what I am learning to what my blog is supposed to be. It’s also making me really think about the purpose of my blog…so I’m taking it as a good thing 😀


  4. Jenna, making this blog your own, whatever that may entail is what matters most. Let your writing be a joy and a love, not a burden or one more thing on your “To Do” list. For me, I have had a few bouts of writer’s block, where the words escape me, but what I really am challenged by is how to write on a professional level. That is a dream I continue to chase. . .


    1. Yes you are right, thank you for reminding me that writing should not be something on a “to do” list, it should be a joy. Good luck to you with your writing and never give up on your dream. Love Jenna 🙂


  5. Thanks for being brave enough to share this, Jenna. I go through a similar struggle: If I write a blog post with the hope of being accepted and liked, then “not good enough” stats or any negative comments will only make me feel bad. But if my goal is authenticity, then I can handle not being everyone’s best friend.


  6. Hi Jenna, it’s good that you think your blog is an online journal. I take mine as a journal too so there’s really no pressure about what I write about. Just follow your heart and looking forward to reading your new post :). Much love, Pat


  7. To me blogging is a forum for SELF expression, when and however we feel like writing. If people lose interest they lose interest, but new people come along as well. And sometimes we say what we needed to say for ourselves and just lose interest, that happened with a different blog I was doing. Whatever you feel you want to do is right for you.


    1. You are so right, thank you for reminding me that blogging is for the exploration of self development. You reinforce my sentiments exactly about sometimes being interested at the time of writing and needing to say something only to lose interest after it has been expressed. Very wise advice, thank you I appreciate your comment very much. Love Jenna 🙂


  8. That is exactly what makes you interesting 🙂 I feel like if I truly connect with myself and just a handful of people deeply it is more satisfying than not connecting so deeply with myself and getting a bunch of followers. And of course it is a paradox I think…that is when I get more likes..because they can feel my heart. Some totally don’t get it, but that’s o.k.
    Way to follow your heart –
    Love –


    1. Laurie, you are one of my treasured blogging friends and your comments are always insightful and appreciated. The reason I feel like I know you is through your honesty and peacefulness that you reflect in your posts. Your posts remind me to always follow my heart. Love Jenna 🙂


  9. Hi…thanks for sharing this article, I feel that it may have been hard for you to say…Firstly, a temporary loss in focus isn´t something that I think you should be scared off…I personally have a temporary loss in focus fairly frequently – I honestly think it just brings me back to reality once in a while and being married to an author, writer´s block is something I have learn´t to understand. In respect of being self-indulgent, why not? Keep up the good work – I´m looking forward to your next post!


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