Seasons of life

seasons of life
I’m neither old nor am I young,
just floating in between
feeling like a misfit.

My heart holds half a lifetime of treasured memories
with room for so many more,
but today I’m listless.

Should I stay or go,
leave behind all I have and
embrace a new season of my life.


22 thoughts on “Seasons of life

  1. Beautuifully said… are not the only “misfit”….I feel like one many days, this season is still new to me, but I will try to embrace it as I have all the others….just taking a bit longer to find my way….:-)


  2. How did we manage the same topic on the same day? Synchronicity. Here’s how I answered you on my blog: “You’re in good company. We’re in luck – Rising Hawk will soar into the sky and guide our way. We are on this journey together, never fear.”


  3. Very nice. I hope you’ll find a way to do both…and if not, then trying each path on its own. May all your dreams and aspirations become your happy reality.


  4. you can do both. no need to choose. now, of course, I have to play the song “Seasons of Life” I think it’s from Rent. it will be in my head all night, but it’s better than some of the others.sleep on it, don’t make any rash decisions. and follow your gut. that will tell u the answer, night, Laurie


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