Love is all you need

Yesterday I felt so much love for my old Dad who is 87 and I wanted to share the story with you.

I’ve blogged about the power of writing letters before and this email exchange between father and daughter created feelings of pure joy mixed with poignant sadness that only the written word can evoke. I know I will treasure this memory forever.

It is beautiful moments like this that enrich my life.divider-horizon-lineFrom:       JennaDee
To:              Dad
Sent:         Thursday, October 31, 2013 9:54 AM
Subject:   Love over money

Hi Dad
Thanks for organising the meeting with your accountant yesterday, it was most helpful.

I do however feel uncomfortable talking about my inheritance before the time when I will receive it. I want you to know I love you for being my Dad and the money side is inconsequential.

I would much rather have a family who love me as a sister and know me for who I am  than have a whole lot of money.

Love always
divider-horizon-lineFrom:             Dad
Subject:        Re: Love over money
Date:              31 October 2013 11:22:38 AM AEDT
To:                  JennaDee

Dear Jennie,
It’s strange you say the money doesn’t matter because I feel the same way. Maybe it’s because we have enough.

I love each of my kids for the persons they are and I would hate to think money made any difference, because it just would not be worth it.

Give your sister and brother a chance to show they love you for who you are, as I’m sure they do.

It needs someone with courage to make the first move. I would love you to test this out. Invite them over separately and quietly put all your cards on the table. I’m sure they remember and value the earlier days when they stood by you. I need not be in the picture, only if you want me to.

I’m sure it would make your mum very happy also.

You will be pleasantly surprised at the result about a situation that has arisen out of nothing. You will find the effort to fix it is worth it just as I have been happy in finding my sister again after a gap just as you are experiencing.

Please give this some thought and increase my special love that will always be between us.

Whatever happens, lots and lots of love from
Your Dad
divider-horizon-lineFrom:       JennaDee
To:             Dad
Sent:        Thursday, October 31, 2013 2:05 PM
Subject:  Thanks for your lovely reply to my email

Hi Dad
I will take your suggestions and try again to reconnect. I don’t want to live in their pockets, I just want to know that I belong to a family who care about me.

Please promise me that you won’t mention what I have said to them. It is up to me to keep trying to improve the situation.

I am so lucky that I have you to talk to about these sorts of problems. I feel very sad to think that one day you will not be here and then I will feel alone.

Your loving daughter

divider-horizon-lineFrom:            Dad
Subject:      Re: Thanks for your lovely reply to my email
           31 October 2013 2:49:48 PM AEDT
To:                 JennaDee

I promise.

You’ll never be alone while me or my spirit is about.

You’ll always be part of me.

Your Loving Dad


22 thoughts on “Love is all you need

  1. I found this very touching, Jenna. It gives me hope. As I am new to your blog, I don’t know exactly what your situation is with your siblings. As for me, I have two sisters. One of them I haven’t spoken to in six years. The other will text me back if I take the initiative, but that’s about it. All of us will be together for Thanksgiving. I know, I’m in big trouble. 😉


    1. Hello and thank you for your comments. The more I talk about the distance between my siblings and I, the more I realise that this is quite a common problem with many of us. It is sad to think that people who have the same parents as ourselves and knew us so well for many many years, now have no interest in who we are as adults. I have slowly come to accept it but it still hurts. Be strong at Thanksgiving, be kind and be true to yourself. Love Jenna 🙂


  2. Awww. Reading that makes me miss my father horribly at this very minute. No amount of inheritance in the world would ever make up for the fact that he has left this earth and my living realm of existence. For me, everything is riding on that hope that one day we will be reunited with our loved ones again. Everything.


    1. I am sorry that you no longer have your father. My mother passed away seven years ago which left a gaping hole in my heart. I feel very lucky to still have my dad in my life. Our family and loved ones make our lives worthwhile. That is all that matters. Love Jenna 🙂


  3. Dearest Jenna – Thank you for sharing what is love personified in these exchanges between you and your father. Remember your courage, that you are not alone, and that your extended blogging family supports you in who you are – period. Blessings…


    1. Thank you Denise and I hope you can repair your relationship with your siblings as well. You’re right, no matter how old we are or how much happiness we have in our personal life, we all like to feel a sense of belonging to the family we were born into. My Dad is very wise and I think his advice is precious. Love Jenna 🙂


  4. Dear Jenna,
    Your letters between you and your father brought tears to my eyes. I so am blessed with a wonderful father as you have. His last e-mail brought tears to my eyes…I e-mail and skype with my parents often, but they soon will be closer to me. This past January my fathter ( 81) was in a car accident that left him the only survivor. My mother was not with him and his best friend was driving the car. Everyone died, but my father. It was a mess for about 24 hours at a distance trying to figure things out…my brother ( I only have one) have seen each other maybe 2 times over the past 20 yrs, but this drew our family closer. I remember my brothers comments ( and he is not a religious person) when the accident happened, ” Dad must of had the angles on his shoulders”…well, it was a miracle my father lived…everyone died at the scene but him, he has had a struggle coming back, but I treasure every moment with him and realize they are far and few between…
    take your father’s words of wisdom and make the effort to try again..because of the accident I have been helping my parents find a place closer to me , so I can be there and help them when things lke this happen–too hard when they are too far away…as a result, my brother and I met at their house this past summer and over some good food and wine, we shared our feelings and worked out 20 yrs of distance…it does not make everything perfect, but it is so much better when you do talk…too many misunderstandings between us over the years that just no one bothered to “communicate” sorry this comment is long…just wanted you to know..your post was beautiful…and you have a very special dad…and wise Dad…wisdom does come with age…I can only hope I achieve that wisdom towards the end of my journey in this world….


    1. Hi Robbie, thank you so very much for taking the time to share your story with me in response to my post. The reason I love blogging so much is being able to interact with people with similar life experience and benefit from their wisdom. I count you as a wise friend. Thank you. Love Jenna 🙂


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