Michelle’s pet challenge

Gracie Dee, long haired chihuahua

It’s amazing how such a tiny animal brings so much joy to so many people. This is my dog Gracie Dee and I’d like to share the joy of having a pet with fellow bloggers.

My blog post My eyes adore you tells the story of how Gracie Dee came into my life. Other posts include  My tiny friend and Little things make me smile.

For more photos of Gracie take a look at  http://instagram.com/gracieandjennadee#

gracieasleep inknitting bag2


Thanks to Michelle at http://hopethehappyhugger.wordpress.com


30 thoughts on “Michelle’s pet challenge

  1. She is so cute! I have 2 senior dogs who were both rescued. My big dog from an animal shelter (he is an English Springer Spaniel) and my little dog (poodle-shizshu mix), who was abandoned when she was about 6 weeks old (11 years ago). I immediately got her her puppy shots but she still came down with Parvo. Thankfully, because she had her shots, the vet could save her rather quickly. My Spaniel was skin and bones and had a very bad upper respiratory infection when I adopted him (11 years ago) and had to stay at the vets overnight with an IV drip. Well, I guess pets are like grandchildren. We love talking about them. :o)


    1. Yes we all love talking about how much we love our pets and I am very happy about this. I love talking to fellow pet lovers. Thanks for sharing your story about your precious dogs. Love Jenna


  2. Precious! I was just thinking of that quote you wrote..about reflecting light..ties in so nicely with where I have been going. I will have to look it up again..May need to quote you again. 🙂
    Much love!


  3. Awwwww…there’s nothing like dogs. Yours couldn’t be more precious. I wrote about the two pug puppies I recently rescued on my blog. I’m wild for pugs. Thanks for liking my recent post. So nice of you. 🙂


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