The happiness felt at finding the right path fades when you discover you’ve ended up back where you started from.
Jenna Dee


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23 thoughts on “Astray

    1. Thank you so much for nominating me, I am flattered that you thought of me. Earlier on I made the decision not to take part in the blogger’s awards process and so I will politely but respectfully decline your nomination. Much love to you from Jenna


    1. Thank you Eliza, you always know exactly what to say to me. You are right, I have missed some of the lessons the first time round and need to have another try. Love to you from Jenna.


    1. I suppose it was because I was starting to see elements of my old ways and thinking return to taunt me. I don’t want to return to the person I was when I started. Much love to you from Jenna


  1. Hi Jenna. I believe your observation has much to do with perspective and expectation. Were I to happen upon this outcome, I’d appreciate both the anticipation and the journey. Disappointment de-energizes. 🙂


  2. Not feeling lost are we? Sometimes being brought back is a journey full circle, as in you were one person when you departed, and now you are a new person upon your return—or—you’ve been brought back to work on getting things right —either way, the frustration should not be the focus, but the continuation of the journey 🙂
    Happy travels my friend…hugs to you—Julie


  3. I get frustrated when that happens, but then I just dust my knees off and get back up and take another path…for giving up is not in my vocabulary! Just pick a new one at the fork of the road:-)


  4. Life is full of returning patterns … until we understand the learning behind it.
    Remember happiness is not at the end of any path … I read the other day that we are happy when we are learning. And there is always learning!
    Val x


    1. Maybe I didn’t express myself clearly. The happiness I am referring to is one of finding the right direction not looking for it at the end of the path. I have a terrible sense of direction and always feel so relieved when I discover I know where I am. Hugs to you too Val. Lovely to hear from you,


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