Time has passed at lightening speed the last few weeks while busying myself with preparations for our seven-week trip to Europe. My anticipation and excitement levels continue to rise while trying to quash apprehension about leaving the comforts and security of home.

Like most people I contemplate irrelevant stuff like whether I’ll need two or three pairs of pants but there are also niggling thoughts about the well-being of my loved ones while I’m on the other side of the world. True to my star sign Cancer, my life centres around family and home. Leaving all that is familiar behind for this length of time is confronting and a little bit exhilarating.

leapI know worrying is a waste of energy and makes no difference to any situation, but acting on this knowledge is easier said than done. However, when I step on to the plane I vow to believe our trip will be trouble-free and everything at home will run smoothly as it always does. I’m ready to embrace new experiences. It’s time to seize this incredible opportunity, step away from my comfortable life and wake up my senses.

Unclench your fists, open your eyes and exhale.
Jump and enjoy the ride.
~ Jenna Dee

holiday-ticket-smiley-emoticonWhile I’m away I plan to use my blog as a travel journal to record my observations and experiences.  This is purely self-indulgent to preserve my memories but I welcome anyone to come along for the journey. Otherwise I’ll see you again when I return home to Australia in late October.
Bon voyage………Arrivederci……xxxooo



11 thoughts on “Jump

  1. wooooohooooo—I’m ready, I can pack in a minute—I’ll met you there 🙂 —oh how I wish!!!! —Have a blast Jenna—rest, enjoy, take it all in, relish in the history, the food, the people…The longest I’ve gone to Europe has been a tad over 3 weeks. Always leaving my husband behind as he can never leave the business nor does he wish to travel abroad—so when I do go, it is hard on my heart as he is not with me—my aunt is usually my travel partner—at first you run on adrenaline, then the newness begins to wane and you miss the familiar–maybe even getting teary, fussy, uncomfortable and finally– it’s as if it all evens out and you find yourself blending in as if you’re an old hat at it all….bon chance mon amiee 🙂

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