Special moments

gratful-thankfulSome days pass by unnoticed and others are extraordinary. Last Saturday was extra special making me thankful and happy.

At various stages throughout the day all three of our adult children spent unplanned time with us sharing stories of what’s happening in their lives. At the end of the day my husband and I talked about how happy it made us feel to have a close relationship with each of our children. This is the true definition of happiness for us.

Laura our youngest daughter celebrates her 24th birthday tomorrow. She is an amazing young woman who inspires, loves, creates and spreads joy. I saw this quote by Walt Disney and immediately thought of Laura. I’ve always thought of her as my magical Peter Pan.
Happy birthday Lawna.



gratitude and happiness

14 thoughts on “Special moments

  1. awww…my youngest will be 24 next year:-) Happy birthday to your daughter + you are so right about our adult children- greatest gift to ourselves- time spent with our adult children–no amount of money or material things could replace it!:-) I just wish some of them lived closer:-)


  2. I’m so glad to hear of your loving relationships you have with your grown kids, it proves you were an awesome parent. I’ve learned that relationships are the most rewarding aspect of our lives and when nurtured, bloom into the most fabulous of gardens.
    Happy 24th to Laura (and to you for making it possible all those many years ago).
    I love the quotes and the image with the magic coming out of the book!


  3. You are very lucky parents to have such a special relationship with all your adult children. It is to be treasured above everything else.
    Happy Birthday to Laura!


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