Be grateful everyday

Thanksgiving, the American celebration where people acknowledge the good in their lives and share a meal with their family is a worthwhile concept but sometimes I question its sincerity.

Just like Christmastime celebrations in the western world it seems Thanksgiving has been consumed by commercialism, greed and a desire to be better than others which is obscuring the original message of being grateful.

I think Thanksgiving/Gratitude should be part of our daily lives. Forget about  the appointed holidays be grateful and kind to others everyday.
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18 thoughts on “Be grateful everyday

  1. I agree that for the most part it may seem more focused on feasting than giving thanks for blessed abundance, but celebrating the harvest is as old as agriculture. Gratitude and kindness should be a daily practice, but for those who don’t always remember to do so, at least there is a season to call attention to it. As to the commercialism, I’m as appalled as you, Jenna!


    1. Yes you’re right Eliza, at least one day that draws attention to giving thanks is better than no days at all. Do you think the meaning of Thanksgiving is still appreciated by the majority of people in the USA?


      1. Jenna, I’ll jump in and say that the folks I know really take it seriously as a time to be with family and be thankful. The shopping part has been added on … but the essence is still strong.
        Val x


      2. Good question, Jenna. On the surface I’d say yes. For most it is about family, food and football, in that order and in varying degrees. It is the most travelled day of the year with the family & friends gathering. Just like Christmas, there are reminders for ‘the reason for the season’ to get folks focused on counting their blessings and expressing gratitude.
        Then it goes to hell on Black Friday! I think with more folks shopping online, it is not as crazy as it was a few years ago. I think many are waking up to the insanity of materialism.
        They say it takes all types to make the world and the US is no different! Personally, I’ve shunned the big ticket giving in favor of home made or locally produced and try to really feel the joy of friends and family.


      1. I think my generation and up do appreciate the day–some of the younger generation as well—but not so much by our oh so blended society members—I do think it’s important that we do have a day set aside which gives us all reason to pause and to “think” but with all the commercialism and consumerism tied into the “black Friday” shopping madness—it’s getting harder and harder—so many retailers are now open even on Thursday (Thanksgiving) luring folks to start the Christmas madness as stores have been decorated for Christmas since late October at Halloween, almost bypassing Thanksgiving all together—that’s what troubles me—you know we tend to bend to the whims and wills of others so much in an attempt to make everyone feel the same that we might just bend ourselves out of something so American as Thanksgiving—of which I hope we never let happen. . .
        Sorry to be so long winded…
        I truly appreciated your post Jenna—
        as I am thankful for friends such as you!!!
        with love—Julie


  2. We don’t have Thanksgiving here in Australia, but I think it’s one of the most meaningful celebrations there are – it’s all about being together as a family and being grateful for what we have. Perfect….no money and no greed involved as with other celebrations. However, like the others, it is becoming too commercial and is losing it’s original meaning.
    But why do we have to wait for a particular celebration to show others how we feel? We should be grateful and kind to others every single day; the world would be a better place for us all.
    Great post Jenna.


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