Working 9 to 5

2015 is flashing by at breakneck speed and lately I have barely had time to draw breath, which explains why I haven’t posted on my blog for a while.boundaries

After returning home from our European adventure last year I was determined to do more with my existence. At 54 I knew I was too young to let the third act of my life go by uneventfully sitting quietly at home, so I set out to find something new.

When given an opportunity to return to the workforce I grabbed the chance to use my skills and feel like a contributing member of society. Getting used to the pace and methods of a new workplace was challenging at first but I quickly adjusted on the fly.

So here I am. I’ve gone from not having enough to occupy my days to almost being consumed by the pace of what needs to be done. It has been extremely rewarding to learn new things from others and feel appreciated for my input.

In the workplace I’ve encountered managers who throw childlike tantrums, bad-mannered people, people who use others to get something they need, as well as people who crumble under pressure when things go wrong. But for every person with negative traits I’ve met many kindhearted, welcoming and enthusiastic people who make it a pleasure to consider myself their colleague.
I am proud I chose to jump out of my comfort zone to return to work without fear or expectation of failure. When I reflect on where I was a couple of years ago I know I would never have taken such a chance back then.

My current position is a short-term contract due to finish at the end of March. I’m hoping it may lead to further work but if it doesn’t I will happily trek a different path with an open mind to whatever comes my way.




15 thoughts on “Working 9 to 5

  1. Yes, I have missed you Jenna—and good for you for jumping in with both feet—but I can honestly say that after having taught for over 31 years, and for having retired 3 years ago at 53, I am most thankful to be able to shift gears, being much more flexible with my time–of course I do help my husband in his business throughout the year as he needs me, and travel usually weekly over to check on Dad—there are days I do miss feeling I am making some sort of difference but I have had to look closely seeing that that difference comes in very different guises—
    Enjoy your work and know that no matter what you do, your interaction, contribution and drive make a difference even when you think otherwise—
    Hugs and love Jenna—Julie

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    1. Hi Julie, apologies for not been around my blog for a while, I’ve missed my online friends. As always thank you for your insightful comment. Hope things are well with you and your family. Love to you from Jenna 🙂


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