Adventure beckons

So much time to think
Uncertain eyes in photographs in unfamiliar countries
Remembering promises whispered in the euphoria of nature
Some kept
Some missed the mark
Acceptance of what is
Wistful of what is not

Another year gone
Home safely embraced in family love
Relishing the beauty of the glorious blossom as her petals gently drift away
Another adventure beckonsBlossom 2015
It’s different this time
Floating free like the blossom
Anticipation of what might be

The suitcases are packed and we’re ready to take off on our second European travel adventure. Everything on the home front is organised and my darling doggy Gracie Dee is safely in the arms of my daughter.

It’s time to fly the coop for a while. I plan to keep a blog journal about our trip and invite you to enjoy the sights with me.

amsterdam netherlands-rubber-stamp-with-the-text-travel-destinations-amsterdam-inside-vector-illustration-104602175belgium stampfranceswitzerland passport stampsaustria stamp2germany stamps2Vaarwelvintage travel lady
Au revoir
Auf Wiedersehen

Love and hugs from
Jenna Dee




10 thoughts on “Adventure beckons

  1. You sound nervously excited, Jenna! Have a safe and fabulous trip and I will look forward to seeing the sights of Europe through your eyes, as you share them here. xx 🙂


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