Brussels, Belgium

belgium stampEurope Journey 2015

Day 5

We packed our belongings and moved on from our lovely farmhouse in Amsterdam and drove to Brussels, Belgium. Unfortunately the rain was still pouring down and it was a difficult three-hour drive. Our Brussels apartment is perfect with high ceilings, rustic floorboards and great facilities. It’s about 20 minutes by tram to the city. The bedroom is at the rear and has a view of surrounding trees which is peaceful. The kitchen and dining room are at the front facing the street and the lounge room is in the middle.  A group of local shops are on the corner of our street including a patisserie and delicatessen selling Belgium delicacies. Across the road there is a church and the bells ring on the hour.

Day 6

Thankfully the rain finally stopped when we woke this morning. We took a local tram towards Brussels city but forgot to get off at the right stop so had to get off and travel back on another tram. We ended up in the worst part of town. There were crowds of people everywhere and the streets were dirty with litter and graffiti on every available surface. Not so nice.

Using the GPS on the phone we found our way to Grand Place, the central square of the City of Brussels. All over the world it is known for its decorative and aesthetic buildings built in the 14th century. It is incredible to imagine how these lavish huge buildings with external gold trimmings were constructed in this era.

belgium brusselsI don’t think the historic centre of Brussels is as nice as Amsterdam however I loved the majestic historical buildings in the city square. Unfortunately there was a beer festival in white marquees in the middle of the square and so we didn’t get the feeling of the vast open space. I wish we’d seen the flower festival but this only happens every two years and it is not this year.

Day 7

We took a day trip to Brugge known for its canals, cobbled streets and medieval buildings. Brugge has an old world feel that is peaceful and refreshing. I am attracted to old-fashioned things, not a big city girl at all. We enjoyed a wonderful day strolling around the medieval historic settlement, where original Gothic constructions form part of the town’s identity. We travelled the canals by boat and saw the famous dog Fidel in the window. He is a golden Labrador and he sleepily hangs out in a canal side gable window and is oblivious to the hoards of people who photograph him daily. We tried all the things that Belgium is famous for; beer, waffles and chocolates.

Tomorrow we pack up and drive to Paris, France.


2 thoughts on “Brussels, Belgium

  1. Jenna–I spent three marvelous days in Brugge—I love the city. And like you it was then on to Paris. If you’re not big city, then you will be overwhelmed upon entering Paris—but you will quickly find that each arrondissements is its own little “neighborhood” breaking up the city into “doable” sections—The Cluny Museum is a wonderfully rich Medieval Museum and you will have to see Sainte Chapelle—have a macron or two for me 🙂


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