Loire Valley, France

Europe Journey 2015 france


Day 13

We drove from Paris to St Clement, France and are staying in a typically French cottage bordering the Levée of the Loire River. It is a beautiful old stone two storey cottage furnished with a mixture of traditional French furniture and modern comfort. There are fruits and vegetables growing in the garden.

Day 14

Unfortunately the rain has returned and the sky is overcast again. We drove to Saumur and enjoyed a delightful lunch followed by a tour of a local winery. On my first long trip last year I was far more anxious and was expecting to feel homesick, but to my surprise this didn’t happen. However this trip sometimes I feel tired and homesick but I am sure this will pass.

Day 15

On our last day in the Loire Valley it remained cool and overcast. We visited the Rochemenier village of the Troglodytique. The village consists of 250 underground rooms, excavated out of the rock. It is fascinating. Everything in the village is manmade and dates back to the end of the 17th century.

Later on we visited the Château de Brézé, a small, dry-moated castle over a thousand years old. The current structure retains medieval elements including a drawbridge and 12th-century underground living and working areas.





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