Sarlat and Aix-les-bains, France

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Sarlat- Day 19

Sarlat FranceArrived in beautiful Sarlat, a medieval town representative of 14th century France located in the Perigord Noir region, a few kilometres from the Dordogne river. I’m fascinated by the fact that the buildings in the old town are up to 700 years old.

The area is well-known for ducks, every restaurant menu offers fois gras, duck gizzards and every other French inspired duck delicacy. On Saturdays the old part of town transforms into a market, which we enjoyed strolling around. We spend the afternoon exploring the intricate maze of narrow streets that branch off like rivers from The Rue de la Republique that runs the length of the old town.

Day 20

We took a short drive to Beynac and sailed on a restored riverboat on the Dordogne river. The sun was shining making the river sparkle.  Later we walked up a steep hill to see panoramic views of the beautiful valley and landscape.  Photos are wonderful but never show the intricate detail of the scenery nor the experience of having your breath taken away.

Day 21

Every French town has a monument bearing the names of the people who lost their lives in the wars. For much of my time in France I have been thinking about how the wars must have impacted on the everyday lives of French families. I wonder how people lived in their houses for six years facing the fears and burdens that wartime in your country brings. To me home is a sanctuary, a place to feel safe.  As we drive through towns I imagine how awful it must have been with husbands and sons away fighting in the war while worrying about soldiers invading your home.

aix-les-bain france2Aix-les-bains – Days 22-24

We spent our last three days in France in Aix-les-bains at the foot of the Alps. Unfortunately the weather was against us and we couldn’t appreciate all this town has to offer. Even though the weather was rainy and overcast we took a short trip on Lake Bourget and walked along the marina.



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