Alpbach, Austria

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Day 28

Today we left Switzerlnd and arrived in Albach, Austria. Our GPS couldn’t find the address where we are staying so we asked some people in a cafe if they knew the place. They gave us verbal directions that we followed but ended up at the wrong place and asked them if they knew Gitti’s farm. They kindly said they would drive and we could follow them to the place we were staying. Eventually we found our cute authentic cottage, our home for four nights.

In Alpbach the grass is glossy green, the chalets are picture perfect and the smell of cows is in the air. It is approx 1,000m above sea level. Thanks to its homogenous architectural style and lovely floral decorations Alpbach is “Austria´s most beautiful village” and also “Europe´s most beautiful flower village”.

Day 29

Today we walked to a gondola to take us to the top of the mountain and we took a brisk Austrian walk for two hours in 0 degree temperature. The cold crisp air was exhilarating. Before coming down on the gondola we enjoyed a drink in a bar on top of the mountain.

Day 30
innsbruck austria 2 sun shone and the sky was blue so we drove to Innsbruck and ventured to the top of Mount Nordkette, which resembled what I imagine it would be like on the moon. This involved riding in three cable cars to get to the peak, definitely not recommended for people squeamish with heights. Later in the day we wandered in the old town of Innsbruck and then visited the Swarovski exhibition.

Day 31
Travelling for an extended time has its ups and downs, many parts are wonderful but it can also be stressful and tiring at times. Each time I travel I feel lucky to experience a few exceptional moments that make every trip worthwhile.  Usually they happen when I least expect them, which makes them even more special.

Today we went to an Austrian restaurant to hear live music. We hoped it would be traditional music but for all we knew it could have been a punk rock band, luckily it wasn’t. The first challenge was finding the place. After several wrong roads and u-turns on narrow streets we finally found the car park for the place, but there wasn’t a restaurant in sight. We noticed lots of people walking up a mountain and thought they were going for a morning walk. After wandering around the car park a few times we saw an arrow pointing up the mountain to the restaurant with 2km walk on the sign. We thought 2km isn’t far, no problem, but it was entirely uphill, so steep it took your breath away. So up and up and up we walked until we made it to the top to a traditional beer garden with huge wooden seats and benches overlooking the valley. We were the only tourists, which made it even better. The Austrians sure know how to enjoy themselves; the giant beers and schnapps were flowing. Turns out it was traditional Austrian music too. The sun shone, the drinks flowed, the music was great and everyone clapped, cheered and danced and had a fantastic time. The only problem was when it was over we had to walk down the hill again after many beers and wines and food. We took it slowly but we made it.



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