Vitznau, Switzerland

Europe Journey 2015 switzerland passport stamps
Day 25

vitznau rigiWhat a thrill it was to see Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) again rekindling happy memories of our visit last year. My heart swelled as the sun shone making the lake sparkle; I felt I was greeting a dear friend. After enjoying our brief bout of nostalgia we drove on to Vitznau, a small village on Lake Lucerne where we are staying for three nights. The snow topped green mountains dotted with traditional Swiss chalets left us in no doubt that we were back in Switzerland, what a lovely place to be.

We enjoyed dinner in a restaurant right on Lake Lucerne and watched a beautiful the superb sunset on the horizon.

Day 26

No visit to Vitznau would be complete without a boat cruise around the 38 km long Lake Lucerne with rugged mountains and picturesque villages to observe as the ship gracefully moves through the water. I felt at peace.

Day 27

lucerne switzerland222This was our last of a three day stay in Switzerland and we spent it exploring the wonderful city of Lucerne. We wandered the Altstadt (Old Town) and saw the 14th-century Museggmauer city walls,

Lucerne is known for its turreted buildings and covered bridges including the iconic Kapellbrücke. It has a huge fortress wall (Musegg wall) built in 1386 that we climbed to the top of and walked along to reveal spectacular views of the city.

I’ve always felt disappointed that I was unable to climb the Great Wall when I visited China, as my knee was quite bad then. Today I was very pleased to easily climb the steep steps to the top of the turret.

Day 28

The church bells are ringing to announce 9am and I’m feeling melancholy as I realise I leave Switzerland today probably for the last time in my life. I’ll always treasure memories of the mystical presence the Swiss lakes inspire, the rolling green hills with cows grazing while their bells gently tinkle and the beautiful traditional Swiss chalets shrouded by snow topped mountains.


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