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Automation kills compassion

Helping a loved one cope with anxiety is a difficult and confusing time. My heart aches as I try my best to support Jane through a low period in her life. It’s really tough watching a loved one go through this battle, while sitting on the outside, feeling helpless.

Anxiety disorders are different from ‘everyday’ anxiety; they are more intense and persistent and interfere with a person’s life. Such disorders share an extreme sense of fear and worry accompanied by physical symptoms that can affect all systems of the body. Anxiety disorders occur when someone has an intense and paralysing sense of fear or a more sustained pattern of worrying when there is no apparent real danger or threat.

I will do anything to help Jane feel better about her life and would swap places to save her going through this torment. As best I can I remain calm, firm and consistent and show her she is loved and supported. In addition to her family support network I’ve have urged her to seek professional counselling advice.

I started asking myself what should I be looking out for? What can I do to help? What support is out there for people on the perimeter of anxiety disorders? I rang the helpline of the most reputable organisation providing an information and support service helping Australians achieve their best possible mental health. This organisation is widely known for its helpline advice for people struggling with anxiety/ depression or who have suicidal thoughts. It was daunting to make the call as a supporter of a loved one so I can only imagine how overwhelming it might be for people feeling helpless to make the decision to reach out for help.

After deciding to call I dialled the number and heard a click followed by a long recorded message spruiking information about the organisation and the types of services they provide. Then came an automated message to press 1 for this, press 2 for that, press 3 for something else. Feeling confused about which number to select I had to wait to hear the message repeated so I could make the correct choice. Once you choose an option a further recorded message announces that calls are recorded unless you state your objection, and then invites callers to press another number to agree to stay on the line at the end of their call to participate in a survey. By now I was getting agitated and wanted to speak to a real person to ask for advice. When I was eventually connected with a counsellor she was helpful to a point and reassured me that I am doing and saying the right things to help Jane.

After making the call I felt disappointed with the unfriendly vibe around the process of getting through to speak to a real person. I doubt very much that people who genuinely need urgent help choosing between life or death would stay on the line long enough to speak to a counsellor to guide them in their time of need. I think this is really sad.

Don’t tell me….show me how

Is there anyone out there who can help me interpret words of wisdom and put them into practice?

Like thousands of others I am committed to a journey of self-discovery striving for utopia in my life.

There are literally millions of inspirational sayings and quotes created by people who share their wisdom about living a harmonious life.

Most of these words are imaginative and thoughtful and although I enjoy reading them I don’t think they help people make personal changes.

I’ve always wanted to be a creative person but the reality is that I am a practical person. It is innate for me to use a recipe or follow a plan to achieve a goal. I think a lot more than I dream and maybe that is my underlying problem.

For example I relate to the message of the following statements but I bet I am not the only person who is unsure how to act on the words to instigate different attitudes and behaviours.

 If your world is full of black and white I think it is time for a new box of crayons.

Let today be the day you stop harming yourself with thoughts of your past.

The treasure chest you are seeking is within you. It is shining brightly just waiting to be opened and appreciated.

If you want to fly then never be afraid of heights. And if you want to shine like the sun, then never be afraid of shadows.

I saw a video clip of a motivational speaker telling an audience how most people carry around their problems like a sack of potatoes slung on their back. She said every time we encounter a problem we throw another potato in the sack and eventually they weigh us down until we cease to function. She shouted to the audience “Do you want to drop your potatoes?” and then asked them to chant “Today I will drop my potatoes.” They cheered and clapped as though it was a defining moment in their life.

But I want to know HOW DO I DROP MY POTATOES? What do I actually have to do?
How do I  colour my world? How can I push negative thoughts and past regrets out of my mind?
How do I find the hidden gems in my treasure chest? How do I rid myself of fears?

Is it possible for me to learn how to dream more and think less?

Any practical advice will be most welcome.