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Joan’s place

white-picket-fenceLike a grand old lady growing old and infirm
Our once quaint beach house lacks vitality

She is broken and old
Lifeless and dull

Broken old furniture
Cracked and peeling paint
Cobwebs draping
Floors stained and lifting

Photographs of her glory days reflect a simpler life and happy family times
Treasured memories live in my heart forever

Mum was right to go when she did
She didn’t want to rot away before our eyes
Like her house

Should we let the old house rest in peace and follow new adventures somewhere else
or give her new life?

Maybe the time has come to let her slip away gracefully and with dignity like my mum.

Listen to your heart

My heart kept telling me everything would be okay as I struggled to stay strong throughout many years of personal adversity.

My extended family remained silent but I felt their judgment and heard their cruel whispers about my troubled relationship with my son.

I withstood this implied criticism for ten years until they lost interest and pretended we no longer existed.

Over the years I had sporadic contact with my son but it was usually strained and traumatic for both of us.

Only my husband knew the extent of my anguish, only he was supportive.  We both believed one day my son would find his inner strength and conquer his problems that steered him away.

We always hoped he would want us back in his life one day, but knew he had to figure out how to do this in his own way and in his own time. He had to learn to navigate his way back over a very rocky road.

My heart was right.

It started with a couple of upbeat phone calls.

Then one day it was a warm heartfelt hug.

A genuine smile.

Real laughter.

Illustration by Aaron Pocock
Illustration by Aaron Pocock

And the latest puzzle piece, a picture of his childhood teddy bear with a message saying that Teddy reminds him of so many happy memories.

That old teddy bear and my son Chris have been through a lot together.

I am so happy they have found the path that is leading them back home.

Tears in heaven

Mia has been hurting for many years.  A deep sadness has festered in her heart penetrating deep into her soul. She can’t understand why people are unkind to each other.

The people who have the same blood as hers running through their veins openly despise her and she doesn’t understand why.

Mia has held out an olive branch and attempted to reconcile with her brother and sister a couple of times over the years. At Christmastime she sent a heartfelt letter telling them she loved them and of her hope to be friends, but neither responded.

This morning after another restless night she woke with clarity realising that it’s time to let go of the dream of ever being embraced by her siblings.

girl-and-heart-balloonShe tells herself that moving on doesn’t mean giving up it means making a choice to be happy instead of continuing to feel hurt.

Her mum once told her that the greatest step toward a life of happiness is to learn to let go of things you can’t change.

Mia really misses her mum.