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Enjoy the little things

Not yet old but way past young I’m staring another birthday in the face still wondering where I fit in to this crazy world. Life is a mystery I’m unraveling as I go. In my heart I’m still a little girl looking for acceptance.

Memories of defining moments dotted throughout my life randomly flash through my mind at the oddest times.  I never want to forget these memories because they make me who I am, for better or worse.

In this snowballing culture of greed and excess I strive to live my life simply and with compassion. Sometimes I satisfy my own expectations but other times I let myself down.  That’s okay, I’ll keep trying. Every day brings another chance to try again.

I live a comfortable life and want for nothing. Possessions are nice to have but they are just things. The love of my husband, my three children and my little dog mean more to me than anything else in the world. These people give me purpose and make my life worthwhile. They make me laugh, love, hurt and swell with pride.  They make me feel.

My wish is for people to take time to enjoy the little things that make them smile. A smile brightens everyone’s day.  I’ve chosen some picture quotes reflecting  messages I’d like to share with you on my birthday 26 June 2014.

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Live life with innocence

Today I’m sharing some simple and wonderful life lessons that I aspire to follow this year, thanks to PIXAR

Love can be as simple as holding hands

Take a minute to reminisce about childhood friendships

Add a few spices to your life. Literally and figuratively

Be open to unlikely friendships

Never discount the small guys

Take a chance on the adventure (and friendship) of a lifetime

Hold on to your family

Embrace your own strengths

Laughter > Fear

Take a break and drive in the slow lane sometimes

True love never gets old

The way to do is to be

Blogging has opened a part of my mind that I’d managed to squash down for some time. It  challenges me to think about some things I’d rather not think about.

For me writing blog posts is therapeutic and helps me greatly at the time of writing by encouraging exploration and expression of my feelings. It is like cleansing my soul.

I’ve discovered that it is quite easy to write or say words but the really difficult part is making meaningful changes in my mind, feelings or attitudes. The actions are a lot harder than the words.

Fairly regularly I re-read my past blog posts and ask myself if have I brought about the changes I promised to modify since writing the post.

The truth is that the answer is usually no, not really, I’m still trying.

But today I gave myself a break by gaining inspiration from ancient philosopher Lao Tzu through his words that tell me to trust myself and just be me.

Always we hope

Always we hope
someone else has the answer
some other place will be better,
some other time it will all turn out.

This is it.
No one else has the answer
no other place will be better,
and it has already turned out.
at the center of your being

You have the answer,
you know who you are
and you know what you want.

There is no need
to run outside
for better seeing.

Nor to peer from a window.

Rather abide at the center of your being;
for the more you leave it, the less you learn.

Search your heart
and see
the way to do
is to be.
        — Lao Tzu

Happy days

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the terrible things that happen in the world but if we choose to focus on the positives, no matter how small, we can all live a happier life.

Today I am grateful for the creators of Facebook/websites dedicated to sharing messages highlighting the positive aspects of life.

Every day I read posts about love, hope, inspiration and kindness and this not only brightens my day it also strengthens my positive frame of mind and reminds me to appreciate all the wonderful things about my life.

I’d love you to share your favourite positive quote or saying with me, please write it the comment box below. Here are some of the best positive messages I have recently enjoyed reading.

The best things in life aren’t things.

In the end, only three things matter: how much you have loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.
~ Buddhist Saying ~

To be happy you don’t have to do anything new.
You have to remember how to believe again.
Believe everything good is possible.
Believe in your dreams.
Believe in people.
Believe in love.
But most of all
Believe in yourself.
~ Doe Zantamata

Five Simple Rules for Happiness
1 – Free your heart from hatred
2 – Free your mind from worries
3 – Live simply
4 – Give more
5 – Expect less
Based on the teachings of Buddha

A mother’s day wish

Today I am especially grateful for the privilege of nurturing three precious children who have enriched my life since their birth and hopefully will continue to share their love and lives with me for many more years to come.

Just like the Queen gives a message to her people each Christmas, I would like to give a message to my special three offspring today on mother’s day 2013.

Enjoy and celebrate the simple pleasures that life can bring.

It seems like everyone these days is preoccupied with keeping up and getting ahead while spending less time enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

Children used to be happy with small birthday gifts and having a few friends over to their house for a party to share fairy bread, balloons and play pass the parcel.

The school dance used to be held in the gym hall with girls and boys wearing clothes they already owned.

Weddings were quaint ceremonies shared with family and close friends enjoying a meal and a dance to wish the bride and groom a happy life together. Gifts used to include mixing bowls not pledges of money.

Pregnancies and births were private times shared between the new parents and close friends and family.

Giving mum a homemade card, a gift from the school mother’s day stall (that she probably donated) and a lovingly prepared breakfast in bed surprise constituted the joyous celebrations on mother’s day.

At the risk of being old fashioned I urge everyone to strip their lives back from modern ways by taking a break from checking Facebook notifications, sending/receiving multiple text messages or spending money on unnecessary items just to impress others.

I would like everyone to gain more meaning out of what they do and enjoy the pleasures of the simple things in life.

My fondest memories of motherhood include seeing my children play with a mismatched group of toys and creating personalities, voices and adventures for them.

It was a lot like Toy Story………..maybe I should have written that down 20 years ago.

Maybe that was why the movie was such a success, we all love the thought of living in a time when life was more fun and less cluttered.

Little things make me smile

Without a doubt, gratitude is one of the most important traits we can nurture to increase happiness. IMG_0110

We can only experience true happiness if we really notice and absorb the beauty and joy of the little things that make a difference to our lives each day.

Today I am grateful for

  • The love and loyalty of my little dog Gracie who makes me smile every day.
  • The happy phone calls I have been having with my son Chris that are slowly helping to rebuild our once estranged relationship.
  • The enjoyment I get from perusing blogs and reading all the posts depicting everyday situations and emotions that I relate to.
  • The follows, friendship, advice and comments I receive from other bloggers

It’s a brand new day

Today I wipe the slate clean and start treating myself with the respect and love I deserve.IMG_2008

Today I relinquish all unrealistic expectations and criticism I have imposed on myself for the past 50 years.

I have been my harshest critic and bullied myself on a daily basis about not living up to be the person I thought I should be.

For the past year I have spent numerous hours reading and absorbing the opinions of thousands of people who have written about creating and maintaining a happy life. The overwhelming response to this conundrum is gratitude.

For too long I have taken for granted all the obvious good that is present in my life. I have good health, a loving husband, three healthy independent adult children, a gorgeous faithful doggy companion and I live in a safe comfortable home.

My greatest form of relaxation is to immerse myself in the beauty of nature. All my senses are aroused by nature, I am empowered to see, hear, touch, taste and smell. There is nothing more invigorating to me than feeling the power and magic of nature.

Today I look forward to the simple joys of living the rest of my life.


I’m starting with the girl in the mirror

Every New Year most of us look for a fresh start, the chance to change for the better and dump bad habits. We make New Year’s resolutions that are usually well forgotten by February.

It was in June 2012 that I made a resolution to change my outlook on the way I lived my life. I knew that I wanted to let go of my insecurities, peel back the layers of who I was and find the courage to be me.

There had been previous times when I had attempted this change but had failed at every attempt. However this time for some miraculous reason I managed  to follow through on my promise and make some progress.

I’ve spent the past six months rediscovering myself as the person I always knew I was, because I had somehow lost her along the journey of life.

In my second blog Free to be I shared five simple statements that I wanted to follow and in doing so these 29 words have made my life so much better

  1. Free your heart from hatred – Forgive
  2. Free your mind from worries – Most never happen
  3. Live simply and appreciate what you have
  4. Give more
  5. Expect less from people but more from yourself

In 2012 I lost the fear to be me and found freedom.

This is my chance to show you my heart

A couple of months ago I set out on a journey of self-discovery to uncover the real me.

In the past I haven’t shared my feelings or been entirely open with people. I blamed myself for feeling inadequate and judged myself on what I believed others thought about me. The constant “trying to be someone” caused me to keep up multiple appearances and maintain many public versions of myself.

Eventually I grew tired of pretending and willed myself to find the courage to be true to myself. I craved serenity and wanted to strip back the layers of uncertainty to return to being a more simple and honest person.

As a somewhat pessimistic person I was doubtful I could change my attitude to life but thankfully I’m making progress. It takes concentration and awareness to create change to my psyche and sometimes I regress to my old way of thinking.

I’m learning to love myself for who I know I am.

I’m learning to feel more and think less.

Freedom is knowing who you are and letting it embrace you.

Free to be me

For the last year or so I have been thinking about how I could become a better person and live a more fulfilling life. Today I came across a site that shared five simple rules to be happy and I am challenging myself to live by them from here on.

  1. Free your heart from hatred – Forgive
  2. Free your mind from worries – Most never happen
  3. Live simply and appreciate what you have
  4. Give more
  5. Expect less from people but more from yourself