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Quiet Time

During the past few months I have learned how to still my mind and meditate. Sometimes I focus on a theme but other times I enjoy the peace of having no thoughts at all.

When I dare to look back in my life I realise  how much I’ve evolved just by growing older and encountering the highs and lows along the journey of my life so far.

Today is a milestone day for me; June 25 is the day my first child was born twenty-eight years ago.

When I clear my mind of everyday clutter and slow my breathing I can see myself as a 24-year-old cradling my newborn baby. In my mind I hold hands with the frightened young woman and say…

Hey sweet lonely girl
Hold your head high
Know that you are beautiful
And be inspired by the miracle of motherhood.
Smile more
Share more
Care less about what others think
And never lose sight of your inner light.
Don’t be afraid
Love yourself
Dare to dream
And the rest will take care of itself.

As I meditate I hug my younger self until I feel her heart beating against my older heart and I whisper in her ear “you have  beautiful times ahead.”