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Mirror image

My heart is aching knowing that my best friend Vee is struggling to cope with the terrible news that her cherished mother has an aggressive cancer invading her brain.

Life is unfair. My friend has suffered more than her share of tragedy during her life. This should be Vee’s time to live her dream of spending time with her mother in her golden years. She of all the people I know deserves joy and happiness.

The relationship between mothers and daughters is a compelling conundrum that spans all cultures and all eras.  It is the most powerful bond in the world, for better or for worse.

Every mother daughter bond is unique and may be anything from blissful to dreadful during various stages of a woman’s life, regardless of whether she is the mother or the daughter.

I feel blessed to have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with my mother for the 46 years we shared together before she died six years ago.

My mother cherished and loved me unconditionally and I reciprocated her love. We shared so much of ourselves between us that it felt like we were an extension of each other.

Losing my mum suddenly as a result of an accident felt like a physical assault to my body and left me floundering to accept the truth.

In the space of a few hours I felt all my inner strength drain from my body leaving me feeling helpless like a child lost in a crowd desperately calling out for my mother to find me.

Facing the reality of her death was the hardest challenge I’ve encountered during my life. The subsequent stages of grief I went through were unspeakable.

I love my best friend Vee and will do anything to comfort and help her during this terrible time.

The thing that I am finding most difficult is being hopeful because I foresee  her world will rock violently when her mother passes away, and I would do anything to save Vee from this fate.