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Seasons of life

seasons of life
I’m neither old nor am I young,
just floating in between
feeling like a misfit.

My heart holds half a lifetime of treasured memories
with room for so many more,
but today I’m listless.

Should I stay or go,
leave behind all I have and
embrace a new season of my life.

Blue bird-of-paradise

bird-of---paradise---4d0796e375215I found my voice hidden deep in my soul
And now sing passionately to the sky
Happy in knowing who I am
Will you let me sing you my song?

I love you and your quirky ways
And I don’t try to change you
I just keep loving you more each day
Will you sing the harmony with me?

My sound is a bit different,
And the lyrics not poetic
But to me my songs are beautiful
And singing warms my soul

Let me create my songs and sing them out of key
Sit next to me and hold my hand
Come and sing your songs with me
Will you sing in harmony with me?