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Joan’s place

white-picket-fenceLike a grand old lady growing old and infirm
Our once quaint beach house lacks vitality

She is broken and old
Lifeless and dull

Broken old furniture
Cracked and peeling paint
Cobwebs draping
Floors stained and lifting

Photographs of her glory days reflect a simpler life and happy family times
Treasured memories live in my heart forever

Mum was right to go when she did
She didn’t want to rot away before our eyes
Like her house

Should we let the old house rest in peace and follow new adventures somewhere else
or give her new life?

Maybe the time has come to let her slip away gracefully and with dignity like my mum.

Blue bird-of-paradise

bird-of---paradise---4d0796e375215I found my voice hidden deep in my soul
And now sing passionately to the sky
Happy in knowing who I am
Will you let me sing you my song?

I love you and your quirky ways
And I don’t try to change you
I just keep loving you more each day
Will you sing the harmony with me?

My sound is a bit different,
And the lyrics not poetic
But to me my songs are beautiful
And singing warms my soul

Let me create my songs and sing them out of key
Sit next to me and hold my hand
Come and sing your songs with me
Will you sing in harmony with me?