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Hello my friend, hello

Reading novels is a passion that I have rediscovered over the past few years. Delving into stories of people living in foreign countries and following family sagas through generations enriches my life.

Every book I read is time spent with a dear friend. During each day I anticipate my time to read and immerse myself in a story.

As I turn the pages I feel how people cope with adversity and blissful times during their life journey, I am transported to another place and time. The characters spring into life and I share their highs and lows just as I do with my own family.

The intricate details of their faces become clear in my mind and I see through their eyes, make their mistakes, feel their hurt and bask in the glory of their achievements.

Reading allows my imagination to roam free with no limits.

Reading is freedom of the mind.

Thank you to all the authors who have transformed my mind, challenged my opinions, shocked me, showed me the spirit of human nature, educated me about war and corruption, and most of all befriended me through the characters in every book that I have had the privilege to read.