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Lost in the wilderness

Have you ever had an idea you desperately want to write about but the words refuse to flow? For a year I’ve tried to write a short story but all I have to show is countless discarded drafts.

To stimulate ideas for expression of my short story I’ve explored different writing genres including poetry, narrative and creative writing.

Reader feedback from my poetry writing attempts tells me my style is too obscure because my intended meaning is usually missed or misinterpreted.

My dabble in creative writing wasn’t much better than poetry and produced lots of chunky paragraphs containing over exaggerated description. When I read my creative writing it reminds me of someone trying to use superfluous words to appear more intelligent.

This led me to narrative style that better suits how I want to write, with characters and a plot woven into a story with a beginning, middle and end.

Recently my interest has peaked in folk tales because they appeal to my simple nature. Traditional folk tales use unsophisticated language and have a moral lesson as the underlying purpose of the story.

Usually folk tales have animals acting like humans, a problem and a virtuous message.  The setting is often in the wilderness, as the woods represent a source of mystery, danger and excitement.

“Writing original fables is a good way to use creative writing to develop critical thinking about ethical issues, consequently building moral reasoning within children”.

So what seems like a lovely simple form of expression is presenting more difficult than I thought. I’m not sure my story lends itself to animal characters nor the wilderness but let me mull it over for a while and I’ll come up with a new draft.

Somehow I will write this short story before I die, I promise.

Closer to the edge

Most of the time I’m comfortable in my existence and can fairly accurately predict my reaction to most situations. As an introvert I’m not usually emotionally demonstrative.

Writing helps me see things with clarity and put my thoughts into words. It is my strongest form of expression and communication.

Recently I stepped outside my internal written world when a writers group held an open microphone event for people to read aloud their work to a like-minded audience.

As the event coincided with the first year anniversary of my blog I eagerly signed up to read Zen Moments that summarizes the highs and lows of my year of self-discovery.

Listening to the other readers was motivating and I didn’t feel nervous. Soon it was my turn to step up to the microphone to read.

The moment I began reading the reality of speaking my truths hit me like a brick and my voice started to falter. My vulnerabilities and insecurities erupted and involuntarily flooded my body. I was completely thrown by my unexpected emotional reaction.

As I spoke tears sprung to my eyes and words choked my throat.  I couldn’t go on. My heart thumped like a ticking time bomb and I wanted to run out the door, but I stayed still.

Another writer kindly came forward to stand beside me and continue reading my piece. As she spoke my words it was if I was hearing them for the first time. I felt like I was standing naked on the stage.

She had almost finished and invited me to resume reading, but as soon as I spoke again my tears returned. Again she kindly continued to finish reading for me while I stood beside her.

The audience applauded as I self-consciously left the stage.  Immediately someone who I have wanted to become closer with for some time gave me the warmest hug and told me she was proud of me. This made me very happy to know she cared.

My old self would have lamented my awful public speaking experience  but I chose to accept what happened for whatever it was.

That day I was proud to have satisfied my intention which is

Letting things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.